Release date: June 2022.

-Display: 4.3" single touch or 4 note poly touch (PT - Poly-Touch model).

- 1024 user storable presets and 1024 user storable songs. zaTurn ships with 61 presets pre-programmed.

-64 favorite sounds can be stored for instant recall, when adding sounds to parts.

-8 parts. Modules can be assigned to the parts, for multiple sounds at the same time.

-76 modules:

- 8 Type A Oscillators- Waveforms (morph from sine to triangle to sawtooth to pulse to feedwave), resonator oscillator, Draw waveform oscillator, harmonic oscillator, FOF oscillator, Sine Function oscillator, noise, drum oscillators (3 x percussion, 2 x cymbal, clap), sample playback, wavetables.

-4 Type B Oscillators– Generates a sinewave, which can be shaped in various ways.

-4 Dual analog or digital filters– On Zaturn Analog different polyphonic analog filters can be installed : Original Zaturn filters: 12db self-resonating special filters. Each filter has both LPF and BPF available at the same time. Spaze filters: 24db LPF and HPF connected in serial. Vothar 8 filters: 12db self-resonating special filters. LPF and BPF connected in parallel. Multi Filters: LPF (6, 12, 18 or 24db) and switchable BPF/HPF. A Filter Frame Sequencer derived from the almighty Vothar 8 are included!

- 4 digital filters- 28 filter types. Standard filters, triple filters, vowel filters, sharp filters, tube filters...

- 8 VCA's- with ADSR envelope, 16 different characteristics and a clip parameter. Can be trigged by any source.

- 8 Effects Processors- Many of the LD3 effects plus a new reverb, saw animator, a wavefolder and some new pitch effects.

- 16 LFO's- With variable waveform, curve and draw waveforms. Key syncable. Can trigger parts.

- 8 Envelopes- ADSR + decay envelope with loop options. Can be trigged by any source.

-8 Sample/Hold Generators.

- 4 Ring VCA's/Logic modules.

-8 Output modules- Sends the audio from the modules to the main outputs, and handles panning.

-8 Patch Points/ Voltage Controlled Switches. For inter-connecting the Groups and for switching.

-Sample time: Available with either 18 minutes (91MB) or 43 minutes (217MB), max 2.048 samplings, or 93 minutes (477MB) or 193 minutes (977MB) of mono samplings, max 8.192 samplings, kept in super reliable NOR FLASH memory. Samplings are immediately available when turning on -No loading time. Samplings are kept in 1 to 4 banks. Each bank holds up to 2048 samplings. Each sampling can hold up to 64 (non-destructive) chop points.

-8 sequencer note tracks. Can be set to internal or MIDI out. Up to 64 steps per track and settable resolution. Position subtrack makes it possible for any step to play back at any position.

-16 sequencer controller tracks. Can transmit MIDI CC's. Up to 128 steps per track and settable resolution. Smoothing on/off per step.

-Synthesizer Morph Knob and Sequencer Morph Knob.

-USB : Connect a USB drive for importing and exporting of wav samplings, presets and songs, and for updating the firmware. Imports: Zaturn presets and songs, wav samplings, 44.1 KHz 16 or 24 bit, broadcast wavs, cue points (will be used as chop points or loop points). Exports: Zaturn presets and songs, wav samplings 16 bit, 44.1 KHz. Chop points are exported as cue points, for use with many computer programs.

Audio: Stereo in and out. Left output also functions as a headphone connector.
Audio system :
-Inputs and outputs: 24 bit, 44.1 KHz Cirrus Logic high end ADC/DAC.
-Internal: 32 bit, 44.1 KHz.
-Sampler: 16 bit, 44.1 KHz.
-Maximum audio latency : 1 sample - 22 uS (microseconds). 450 times faster than Linux based instruments!!!

-MIDI: In and out.

-High quality MultiMec pushbuttons that should be able to withstand 1.000.000 operations.
The knobs has solid metal shafts.
Box is made of steel and aluminium.

Size: 22 x 18 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 1.8 KG