Urano History

In the Christmas holidays 2020 I couldn't go anywhere on holidays, because of the pandemic travel restrictions, so I could right as well assemble a eurorack system. I did not have room for this on my studio desk, so I placed it on my computer desk. Soon I realized, that I needed a keyboard, a sequencer, and I would also like to have a sampler. How could I get this in the middle of the holidays? So I rebuilt a Tiny LD :) (Ok, I could have just moved one of my two LD3’s from my studio desk to my computer desk, but that wouldn’t have been fun, would it?) :)

I started out by putting a Tiny LD into a large plastic box, and added a slightly larger display, for better touch keyboard action.

This was however too big for my desk, and felt quite impractical. So I was putting the Tiny LD back in a Tiny LD case.

There wasn't room for all the required electronics in the small box, so not all of the minijack connectors worked (only the 4 trigger ins and outs worked), but it was ok for the Christmas holidays...

While playing with it, I got more and more ideas, and one day it grew up!