About Gotharman's


All Gotharman products are hand crafted in Denmark, and are made of only the highest quality parts.

All Gotharman products comes in a solid steel enclosure, and all potentiometers are solid aluminium types.

All Gotharman products, except for a few cloned filters, are 100% engineered in Denmark by Gotharman.

The steel casings are produced in Canada.

The PCB's are produced in Germany


Gotharman's mission is to make high quality electronic instruments, that is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, and that has the best possible sound quality.


To make everything work as fast and effective as possible, no Gotharman machines are programmed behind any "OS". Everything is performed directly by the processor of the instrument, and everything is programmed in assembly language, which is up to 30 times more effective than the C++ language, which most people program in, and it is programmed specifically for the instrument hardware. The latency is 450 times shorter, than on Linux based machines.


Gotharman started to experiment with electronic circuits in 1994, while following an electronic engineer course.

In 1996 the first synth "Gothar1" was built.

After this many designs followed.

In 2009, after designing the deMOON synthesizer, Gotharman's was started up as a company.