Polyphonic Analog Filter Boards:

Zaturn is a polyphonic/multi-timbral modular synthesizer with memory. All connections between modules, module settings, sequences and sample assignments can be memorized for instant recall.
Like many other Gotharman instruments, each preset contains 2 versions of the preset, which can be morphed between. With one knob, you can morph all the settings of a complete modular system!
It will also hold all your samplings and wavetables in memory, even after a power recycle.

Two different models are available: Zaturn Analog and Zaturn Digital. Zaturn Analog has room for one polyphonic analog filter board, while Zaturn Digital only has digital filters.

Zaturn has a number of build-in modules, which are divided into 4 equal groups, A, B, C and D. Within each of these groups, it is possible to arrange the modules in 2 parts, so Zaturn has 8 parts in total. Each part can be trigged separately, and they have their own separate output module.
Keeping the modules in groups, made it possible to add the Favorite Sound system from SpazeDrum!

Part 1 and 2 in Group A can each be set in polyphonic mode, so that Zaturn can be up to 2 x 4 notes polyphonic. Modules in groups B, C and D can be linked to Group A, to get the same sounds on each polyphonic note, or they can be unlinked to have different sounds on each polyphonic note.

Like most other Gotharman instruments, each of the 8 parts can also just be in monophonic mode, for 8 completely separate parts.

Each analog group has a dual analog or digital filter (4 dual analog filters in total). Currently 4 different styles of analog filters are available for Zaturn Analog:

Original Zaturn filters: Newly engineered 12 db dual self-resonating analog filters, with a special character,arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other.

Spaze Filters: The filters used in polySpaze, SpazeBoard2 and VCF8. 24db dual self-resonating analog filters,arranged as HPF and LPF in serial.

Vothar 8 Filters: The unique sounding filters of the Vothar 8, built with discrete parts. Arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other.Modified so that they can self-oscillate, and so that they distort a tiny bit more at higher input levels. These filters are more unstable than the other Zaturn filter types, which makes the filter tuning less precise. Therefore these filters might no be ideal for polyphonic stuff. More info on the original Vothar 8 can be found here:

Multi Filters: These are based on the SSI2140 filter chip, and has the same character as the VCF10 filter board. Each filter group has a lowpass filter with selectable slope (6, 12, 18 and 24 db), and a switchable 12db bandpass/highpass filter. When bandpass is selected, the LPF and BPF runs in parallel. When highpass is selected, the HPF goes into the LPF in serial.

8 Patch Points are also available, for inter-connection of the 4 Groups.

1024 preset, 1024 songs, 64 favorite sounds and up to 8192 samplings can be held in its internal FLASH memory.

Unlike the Anamono X, which had 2 separate bus systems, one for audio and one for modulation, Zaturn only has one bus, that handles both audio and modulation, so everything can be connected to everything.

The modules of each Group (4 groups in total):
- 2 standard Gotharman Oscillators (8 in total) - Waveforms (morph from sine to triangle to sawtooth to pulse to feedwave), resonator oscillator, Draw waveform oscillator, harmonic oscillator, FOF oscillator, Sine Function oscillator, noise, drum oscillators (3 x percussion, 2 x cymbal, clap), sample playback, wavetables.
-1 Oscillator B (4 in total) – A special oscillator with a manipulative sine wave.
-1 Noise Generator (4 in total) – While the oscillators can output pitched noise, a simple unpitched white noise generator is also available.
-1 Dual analog or digital filter (4 in total). A Filter Frame Sequencer is also included.
- 1 digital filter (4 in total) - 28 filter types. Standard filters, triple filters, vowel filters, sharp filters, tube filters...
- 2 VCA's (8 in total) - with ADSR envelope, 16 different characteristics and a clip parameter. Can be trigged by any source.
- 2 Effects Processors (8 in total) - Many of the LD effects plus a new reverb, saw animator, a wavefolder and some new pitch effects.
- 4 LFO's (16 in total) - With variable waveform, curve and draw waveforms. Key syncable.Can trigger parts and the sequencer.
- 2 Envelopes (8 in total) - ADSR + decay envelope with loop options. Can be trigged by any source.
-2 Sample and Hold Generators (8 in total) .
- 1 Ring VCA (4 in total) – With several modes, like Ring Modulator, AND, XOR and Mix.
- 2 Output modules (8 in total -1 for each part) - Handles the final output level and the stereo panning.
-8 Patch Points/ Voltage Controlled Switches. For inter-connecting the Groups and for switching.