Download the update zip file, unzip, and follow the details on how to update your LD3/Tiny LD, in the LD3/Tiny LD user manual.
If you have not updated your LD3/Tiny LD for some time, it is only nescessary to update it with the latest update.





Update 15.50

-This update works with all models of LD3 and Tiny LD.

Bug fix:

-When a Draw wave LFO were in one-time mode, it would end at the first value, instead of the last. This has now been fixed.

By downloading this update, I hereby declare, that I understand, that if I do not use the recommended 16GB or 32 GB USBstick, from the list of tested USB sticks (please see in top of this site), for updating my instrument, and if I have not tested this by importing a sampling first, my instrument might be malfunctioning afterwards. So please follow the recommendations on the top of this site.

Update 15.45

-This update works with all models of LD3 and Tiny LD.

-VCF14 Transistor Ladder VCF added to filter board profiles.

Update 15.42

-Filter Boards VCF11 (Zaturn), VCF12 (FilterBank) and VCF13 (Diode Drive) profiles have been added.
-Analog filter boards LINK function added, for stereo filtering.
-Sequencer controller tracks can now be used as LFO waveforms.
-Sequencer controller tracks can now be “drawn”.
-Span modulation added to Reso EQ.
-Sample playback is now stopped by Panic function.
-Sequencer real time recording timing has been improved.

Update 15.19

-New Reso EQ Effect!
-New Smooth dual tap Mod Delay effect!
-New Comb Filter!
-New optimized Compressor with side chain!
-Chorus effect has been optimized.
-New Reverb Effect!
-Immediate Preset change!
-Sequencer continue/restart function.
-Metronome is now only audible, when the sequencer is running.
-Sequencer metronome count-in is now only active, when the metronome is on.
-Preset/Song bank select buttons have been added.
-Preset Level parameter added.
-Parameter fine adjust.

Update 14.90

-Compatible with the new PolyTouch model.
-New dual digital filter types.

Update 14.32

-A new brighter color scheme has been added
-3 Octaves touch keyboard with pitch bend function
-Decay Envelope output VU-meter

Update 14.19

-New color scheme. Goodbey to the white pages…
-The overall gain staging can now be normalized, to avoid harsh sounds.
-Sample Pitch V2 Effect has been added –GlitchShifter 3 has been removed.
-LFO’s can now Key Sync to sequencer tracks.
-Can now import SpazeDrum and Urano sequences.

Update 13.82

-Unfortunately update 13.80 introduced a new bug. Sometimes weird noise would appear on filter board 2. This has now been fixed.

Update 13.80

-Sample Recording can now be started by starting the Sequencer, and number of bars to record, can be set.
-LFO’s waveforms curve can now be set from logarithmic to exponential.
-Modulation Envelopes can now loop the ADS segment.
-When the /Last Step, /Mute or /Part buttons are held for a while, just to check the status of the Last Step, Track Mutes or Part selection, without changing these, the Morph Set, Func and Steps functions will no longer be activated.
-Seq Morph Random Swing function, that was a bug in earlier OS versions, has now been added as a feature  Many users have been craving this 

UPDATE 13.69:
-When the modulation sources group select function were used, and the display were touched to change polarity of the modulation source, LD3 would crash. Touch polarity has now been disabled in modulation sources group select mode (polarity can be selected by the knobs in this mode).
-The DGF filters sounded different from update 13.60, and created more distortion. This has now been fixed.
-If certain filter types were selected in the insert effects, and the Distortion effect then was selected for the same effect, LD3/Tiny LD would crash. This has now been fixed.

UPDATE 13.60:
-LD3 ONLY: Modulation sources can now be selected by group.
-A User filter type with settable parameters has been added for your DIY projects 
Bug Fixes:
-When turning the Seq Morph knob fully up, it would create some sort of random swing. This has now been fixed.
-Sometimes the transition between waveforms in the oscillators were not smooth. This has now been fixed.
-If audio busses were connected, adding effects and filters to the second audio bus in the chain, would not effect the first bus in the chain. This has now been fixed.
-When copying a Sequencer Controller track, the right track number would not always show on the Copy page. This has now been fixed.
TINY LD ONLY: If the Func/Mute button was activated, when pushing and holding the Func/Mute button, to mute/unmute parts, button 1 and 3 would select functions instead. This has now been fixed.

-4 new SVF digital filter types
-New insert effects OverShifter, EQ 2 and asymmetrical Distortion
-Filter board types are now selected by their actual VCF number, and correct parameter names are now shown
-Compatible with the forthcoming VCF10 filter board
-VCF8 cutoff limitation added
-Filter board “Peaks” switch is now set to “Separate” in an initialized preset
-LFO’s key trigged one time mode added
-Effect buffer clear when changing presets, can now be switched off
-Transpose sequencer note track from MIDI keyboard is now possible
-LD3 and Tiny LD are now running exactly 44.1 KHz
-Tiny LD only: Reload preset/Advance song step function has been added to Tiny LD
Bug Fixes:
-If the sub position steps on the sub position track of the sequencer note tracks, were not all set to zero, adjusting “All “ position steps at one time, would not work correctly. This has now been fixed.
-When the sequencer note tracks gate times were adjusted as “All”, it was not possible to set them higher than half of the maximum gate time. This has now been fixed.
-When effects were linked, the Gain parameters were not linked. This has now been fixed.

Update 12.97
Bug Fix:
-If the Variator effect was selected, either as insert or output effect, it would, at certain effect settings, sometimes cause LD3/Tiny LD to crash, and write "HARDFAULT" in the display. This might also have applied to other effects. This has now been fixed.

Update 12.96
-Tiny LD only: Now compatible with new dual line SSI2140 filterboard –VCF conn V2 required.
-Parametric EQ insert effects added
-All sequencer steps on a subtrack can now be offset adjusted with one knob movement
-Position Rotation Modulation added to the Sequencer note tracks
-It is now possible to output one Audio BUS to another Audio BUS.
-A BUS Follower/Envelope OFF position has been added.
-Insert effects input gain can now be adjusted
-Tiny LD only: LOWR button can now function as a Freeze button.
-When recording an audio track, the BPM of this is now included in the sample name.
-Audio inputs can now be swapped
-Quick Edit Knobs can now be switched off
-Some page names on the BUS pages has been changed, to make it look less cryptic.
A few things, that were missing in the User Manual, has now been added:
-Chop Mode parameter description
-How to set up stereo samplings
Bug Fixes:
-In my eager to make everything run as fast as possible, I unfortunately managed to create a bug, in an earlier update, which got the audio inputs sample frequency lowered. I sincerely apologize for this, but now it is back to 44.1 KHz. Thanks a ton to Joakim Gleisner for doing all the necessary measurements, to detect this.
-The 2 Morph knobs would not work in their entire range, when controlled via MIDI. Now they will.
If a part that was set to external, was the selected part, the Morph knobs stopped working. This has now been fixed.
-If a knob was set up to modulate the output effects Mix and Pan, the Quick Edit function would not be switched off. This has now been fixed.
-Clear Controller Track were using the track number selected by the Note Tracks. Now it is using the Controller Track number.
-Tiny LD only: When selecting mod sources for parameters, CC4-15 was incorrectly displayed as CC5-16. This has now been corrected.
-Tiny LD only: The green dot and parameter row selection was missing on the WaveBuilder page. This has now been fixed.
-Tiny LD only: When accessing the Random page, and the lower row of parameters were selected, it would not be possible to adjust the random range. Now it will.

Update 12.46
-2 new Percussion Oscillators has been added: Clap Oscillator and Cymbal 2.
-Edit Knob’s MIDI CC output can now be switched off.
-Triggers from Part 13 to 16 has been added to the modulation sources, instead of MIDI CC 58 to 61. This will make it possible to use 4 triggers for the CV outputs, when SpazeBoard2 are installed.
Bug fixes:
-The scaled CV modes on the Controller track pages (1vS and 1.2vS), seems to have disappeared. I am not sure how that could happen, but now they are back again.
-When syncing LD3/Tiny LD to a MIDI sequencer, and recording the MIDI notes, the sequence would, in most cases, be time shifted one step ahead. This has now been corrected.

Update 12.26
-Swing All function has been added.
-Extra Trigger Random function added, that will make it randomly toggle between the part and the extra part, instead of just playing both back at the same time.
-USB sample import: It is now possible to select, if it should use the sample “LD” name or the file name, when importing samples.
Bug fix:
-Very rarely, when adjusting the parameters, the value would start to jump in intervals. Since this bug only shows very rarely, I am not 100% certain, if I have managed to fix it, but I did find something, that could cause this. If you experience this bug, after you have updated your LD3/Tiny LD with this update, please let me know.

Update 12.15
-Percussion Synthesizer trial version included (fully functional, but save disabled). 4 new percussion oscillator types will let you use LD3/Tiny LD as an advanced drum machine.
-Long envelope times are now possible.
Bug fix:
-Envelope 2 Decay was not morphing. This has now been fixed. When selecting a preset, that has not been saved after this update, the value of this parameter on layer A is copied to layer B, so that it will not affect your presets.

Update 11.77
-Bass Enhancer insert effect can now optionally be added.
Bug Fixes:
-The CV Scaling and Octave parameters mysteriously disappeared from the Controller Track pages. Has now been fixed.
-Tiny LD only: It was not possible to set the Bus outputs to “Off”. Has now been fixed.

Update 11.72
A few bug fixes:
-When a part was set to "Mono To Voice" mode, and LD3/Tiny LD was receiving note on's from more than one source, notes would hold. This has now been fixed.
-Sample FMstopped working, when the new oscillators was added. This has now been fixed.

Update 11.69
-Resonator Type 2 added to Resonator Insert Effects.
-Output Effects 1 and 2 gain has been moved from the Zone page to the output effects Mod2 page.
Tiny LD Only -Improved user interface:
-When pushing and holding the Func/mute button, the 4 Edit Knobs will now function as Volume, Morph, Seq Morph and Cut from any page.
-Parameter row for editing can now be selected, just by touching the parameter row.
-A green dot in the left side of the screen, now indicates which parameter row is selected for editing.
-On the Sequencer step pages, it is now possible to select 4 groups of step values, instead of 2 (4 steps at a time, to fit Tiny LD’s 4 Edit Knobs).

Update 11.62
-New oscillator types: Smooth oscillators and Resonator oscillators.
-The 2 new oscillator types can be microtuned per key in an octave.
-More oscillator modulation destinations: Extra pitch modulation, Reso, Sample length and Portamento.
-Monophonic trigger system improved.
-Output Effects gain can now be adjusted.
Bug fixes:
-If linear envelopes were used, with different settings for each part, sometimes the settings of each part would interfere with each other, i.e. long attacks would appear on parts, that it was not supposed to. This has now been fixed.

Update 10.94
-It is now possible to copy/paste a selected number of steps from any location, to any location of a sequencer track.
-Importing of Cue Points (Markers) as Chop Points has been optimized, to cover cue points generated on a wider range of programs.
-The Sequencer Step Advance parameter is now switched on as default.
-An “Esc” touch button has been added to the Auto Sample Rec “Waiting For Trigger…” page.
Bug fixes:
-Sometimes, when doing a chopped audio track recording, clicks would appear on the first 5-6 steps of the recording. This has now been fixed.
-In some cases, at some specific sample lengths, adjusting the start point of the last sampling in a sample bank, would cause LD3/Tiny LD to freeze. This has now been fixed.

Update 10.72
-Some bug fixes:
-Since selection of controller tracks became separate from the synth parts/note tracks, the step pointer and bar/beat has been wrong on these. This has now been fixed.
-Sometimes, when importing samples the were smaller than 300 bytes in "Import Samples As Chops", LD3 would freeze. This has now been fixed.
-TINY LD: Muting of track 9 to 16 were not possible. Now it is!

Update 10.63
-A Sample Xfade mode has now been added to the Oscillators.
-Alphanumeric touch keyboard has been added, for more convenient naming of presets, songs and samplings.

Update 10.26
-It is now possible to select, if parameter CC control, from both MIDI in and the sequencer controller tracks, should affect only the selected Morph layer, or both Morph layers at the same time.
-Size parameter has been added to the PitchShifter effect.
-A * is now shown in the preset name, if the preset parameters has been tweaked, and the preset has not yet been saved.
-A compare preset function has been added.
-When on a sequencer controller track, it is now possible to select all 8 bars, using the button shortcuts.
-When pushing the sequencer bar select shortcut buttons multiple times, the function of the Edit Knobs will now toggle.

Update 10.17
-Many parameters can now be hard-assigned to MIDI CC’s. These parameters can also be controlled directly from the sequencer controller tracks, and movements of these can be recorded on the controller tracks.
-CV inputs can now be recorded on the sequencer controller tracks.
-SPAZEboard2 Filterboard 2 and 3 can now be set up, so that the proper parameters will be shown.
-Follower gain x2 and x4 added to the Audio BUS Envelope Followers.
-Smooth parameter added to the CV inputs.
-The sequencer controller tracks are now selected separately from the parts.

Update 9.86
-Chopped Keyboard Mode: Will spread sample chops over a keyboard range starting at C2.
-Sequencer note tracks randomizer probability can now be controlled by a controller track.
-Legato Portamento mode.
-Now works with sustain (hold) MIDI pedal (CC64).
-2 new controller tracks quantized CV modes has been added, where one value step is = one note.
-Controller tracks CV quantize scaling can now be adjusted, for synths that are not completely in tune…
-Controller tracks can now be programmed in key grid mode, to make CV sequencing easier.
-Safe boot mode added: If your LD3 should crash, hold down step button 1, while powering up.

Update 9.48
-When Part Select/Mutes are latched, the Morph Set and Start/Stop buttons will now keep their original functionality (In V9.45 the would function as preset select).
-When LD3 are in external MIDI sync mode, the tempo indicator on the Preset Select page (the main page), will now show “EXT”, to make it easier to see, that LD3 are in external sync mode.

Update 9.45
-Graphical sample editing has been added.
-The Part Trigger Note can now be modulated, making CV/Gate to MIDI and other things possible.
-Now only positive modulation sources can be selected by an edit knob. You will have to touch the parameter, for negative modulation.
-Part Select and Mute buttons can now be latched, so that you don’t have to hold these, to select or mute a part.
-Controller track realtime recording are now always initiated when step 1 of a track is passed.
-“Esc” button has been added on the preset select page, so it is easier to exit, if you do not want to change the preset anyway.
-Roland JD-XA MIDI filtering has been removed

Update 8.93
-Delay1, Roto Delay, Bright Delay, Bright Roto Delay, Variator, TimeStretch and Sample Pitch effects has been added as insert effects.
-A backwards switch has been added to all delay effects.
-Touch Screen Keyboard Y-position modulation can now be recorded on the controller tracks, in the same way as knob movements. Y-position modulation is now sent to one part at a time.
-When activating pitch bend or CC recording from a note track, it will now automatically set up the Int/Ext and the Channel parameters, on the controller track.

Update 8.74
-Display is now updating faster.
-Granulator (unsynced), Xfade Granulator, Abstruct0, Time Stretch and Sample Pitch effects has been added to the output effects.
-PitchShaper 2 (dual input) has been added to the insert effects.
-Output effect 1 can now be sent to EFX2 for serial connection.
-Effects Mix and Pan can now be modulated.
-Bend and CC recording automatic setup added.

Update 8.36
-WaveBuilder added, that lets you combine up to 8 samplings, for a wave sequence.
-Sequencer note steps that are off, now has a different color.
-Effect processors and LFO’s are now selected without affecting the synth part select.
-The Chop and #chp parameters in the synth parts will now morph.
-Like on the Sample Edit select sample pages, a small red square is now indicating the last added sampling in a bank, on the synth part sample select page.
Bug Fixes:
-When a sampling had its start point programmed on the Sample Edit page (not on the synth sampler pages), the chop points would no longer be correct. This has now been fixed.

Update 8.15
-New shortcuts has been added for selecting presets, copying morph layer and more.
-Song mode is now fully functional.
-Copy/paste system is now fully functional.
-Synth parameters Randomizer is now fully functional.
-Compressor, Expandor, Filters and Filters2 has been added to the Insert Effects.
-Parameters “Snap” mode has now been added.
-The Granular modulators are now working.
-Each part can now be set in either polyphonic mode, or mono to a specific voice mode.
-Any of the 8 audio busses can now be inserted in the output effects feedback loops.
-A Sample Loop Smoothing function has been added.
-Chop modes on the Sample Edit Chop page, can now be by Peak, by Wave or a sampling can be chopped in 2 to 64 equal portions.
-Sample chop playback in the synth part samplers can now be switched off.
-Sequencer step recording mode has been added.
-Controller tracks realtime recording is now possible.
-Sequencer tracks “Double” touch button added.
-Sub position track added to the sequencer note tracks for micro timing.
-Controller tracks can now handle Pitch Bend, both internally and externally.
-Controller tracks can now be set to send MIDI CC’s either internally or externally through MIDI out.
-Controller tracks program change messages.
-Level adjustment and VU-meters added to the audio busses.
-It is now possible to select a part envelope to control the BUS output levels, instead on an envelope follower.
-VU-meters added to the input BUS select page.
-SPAZEboard 2 compability added.
-Sample Record Monitor can now be set to Off, On or Rec.
-1v/oct and 1.2v/oct quantizing has been added to the controller tracks.
-A “PANIC” function has now been added.
-Sequencer Record state and tempo are now shown on the main preset select page.
-USB: Wav samples preview.
-USB: Import sample bank can now be selected on the USB Import page.
-Modulation part can now be selected for each of the CV outputs.
-Part Trigger has been added as a modulation source.
-MIDI CC 17 to 61 has been added as modulation sources.
-3 extra Random Generators has been added as modulation sources.
-Preset Preview function is now working.
-When clearing a sequence or a sequencer track, the tracks are now completely cleared.
-Escape touch button added on the Sequencer Main page.
-LFO’s key-trigger can now be set to part 1 to 16.
Bug fixes:
-Effects LINK function is now working.
-When realtime recording a note track in poly mode, steps 34 to 64 would not be recorded. This has now been fixed.
-When realtime recording a note track in mono mode, the position track were not altered. So if you previously recorded the same track in poly mode, where the positions is set for each step, these positions would still be there, when re-recording the track in mono mode, regardless of when the notes were played. This has now been fixed.
-When controlling a part using pitch bend or other realtime controllers, voices that were not assigned to the part being controlled, would also be affected. This has now been fixed, so only the part being controlled are affected by realtime controllers.
-When morphing between 2 sequences, the position track would not morph correctly. This has now been fixed.
-Sometimes, when controlling a part from the internal sequencer and an external MIDI keyboard at the same time, notes would hang. This has now been fixed.
-The percentage of Bank A used sampled memory did not show correctly. This has now been fixed.
-Step 65 to 128 on the controller tracks were not randomized correctly, when randomized. This has now been fixed.
-USB: Export sample number is now shown correctly.
-In some places, the left and right audio inputs and outputs, were named “1” and “2”. These names has now been changed to “L” and “R” (hopefully) everywhere.
-Chop points for use with Reload are now exported.