16 part, 8 stereo voices granular music workstation (with dynamic voice allocation), with synthesizers, samplers, sequencer, granular effects and analog filter and CVoptions.

A new deFormer with more sequencing, effects and synth/sampler power than its predecessor, the Little deFormer 2.

It has 16 parts. Each part can be selected to start with either a morphable (sine/triangle/saw/square/feedwave) multi-waveform oscillator with 9 different oscillator types (bright/smooth/resonator/percussion1-3/cymbal1-2/hand clap) , a sampler, an Xfade sampler or a noise generator.
The signal from this goes into 2 multimode resonant filters (23 filter types, including dual filters for up to 4 filters per voice on the PolyTouch model, and up to 3 on the previous models), and ends up in a VCA.
Each part has a chomatic note range of 10 octaves. Parts can be splitted over a keyboard and/or be set up multi-timbrally, with each their own MIDI channel and key range.

Each part can be sent to one or two of its 8 audio busses.

Effects can be applied to these busses, up to 10 at a time, to process the synth/sampler parts.

Up to 4 optional analog filters can also be applied to the audio busses, for real analog processing.

Audio gain staging can be set to Xtra (LD3 standard) or Normal.

The sequencer comes with 16 advanced note tracks and 32 controller/CC tracks.
For each note on the note tracks, it is possible to set note, gate time, velocity and even position of the step, which allows for polyphonic step sequencing and rhythmic experiments.
At the output of each note track, a scale function are applied, that can force all notes into harmonic scales, or switch notes around for musical deforming. The note track can be up to 64 steps long, and resolution can be set between 1/64 and 1/2.
The controller tracks can be up to 128 steps long, and their resolution can also be set between 1/64 and 1/2. They appear as modulation source for all parameters, that can be modulated.
The sequencer can control both the internal parts of LD3 and external MIDIgear.
Templates are available to create a startpoint for a sequence and to modify existing sequences.
16 track audio track recording is also possible with the LD3 sequencer. Each audio track can be automatically chopped, for easy deforming.

Built to last in a steel box with extruded aluminium sides. All powdercoated with a "Black Sand" finish, that is very resistant to scratches and dust.