Urano is a modular synthesizer with memory. All connections between modules, module settings, sequences and sample assignments can be memorized for instant recall.
Like many other Gotharman instruments, each preset contains 2 versions of the preset, which can be morphed between. With one knob, you can morph all the settings of a complete modular system!
It will also hold all your samplings and wavetables in memory, even after a power recycle.
And it connects to your Eurorack...

Unlike the Anamono X, which had 2 separate bus systems, one for audio and one for modulation, Urano only has one bus, that handles both audio and modulation, so everything can be connected to everything.

As standard, it comes with VCF51 and VCF52 filter boards installed. If you would like it delivered with other filter boards than these, please send an email. If delivered with other filter boards, the preset set will though sound different.

The build-in modules:

-8 Oscillators- Waveforms, Draw waveforms, Harmonic Osc, FOF Osc, microGothar Osc, noise, drum oscillators, samplings, wavetables, quadrature.
-Up to 4 analog filters. Compatible with the Gotharman filter board system.
-8 digital filters- 27 filter types. Standard filters, triple filters, sharp filters, tube filters...
-8 VCA's- with ADSR envelope, various curves and a clip parameter. Can be trigged by any source.
-8 Effects Processors- Many of the LD effects plus a new reverb, a wavefolder and some new pitch effects.
-8 LFO's- With variable waveform, curve and draw waveforms. Key and sequencer syncable.
-8 Envelopes- ADSR + decay envelope with loop options. Can be trigged by any source.
-5 Random Generators / S/H's with selectable input and trigger source.
-4 Ring VCA's/Logic modules.
-2 Mixer modules, that can add extra inputs to any module.
-Output module- Sends up to 8 sources to the outputs, and handles the stereo panning.
-Trigger Input module- Assign the trigger inputs to parts and sequencer functions.
-Trigger Output module- Sends any sources to the trigger outputs.
-CVOutput module- Send any sources to the CVoutputs. Can scale to 1V/oct and 1.2V/oct.

Connecting Modules
Urano has different ways of connecting the modules. They can be connected manually, by setting the source and the amount, for audio and modulation, by turning a knob, they can be connected via an overview module grid, using the touch interface, and modules in the audio path, can be added and removed into/from the signal chain, by using Urano's auto functions.

8 Parts
The modules can be arranged into 8 parts, to make it possible to make tracks on Urano with 8 different sounds. Any module can be used by any part, and the modules can even be used by multiple parts at the same time. On an initialized preset, the modules are arranged in the 8 parts, each with oscillator, filter, VCA, effects processor and envelope, to make it possible to make tracks instantly. In the standard configuration, part 1-4 also has an analog filter included.

An LD3 style sequencer is available to compose music with the parts. It has 8 note tracks and 16 controller tracks.

Sample recorder/editor
Samples can be recorded from the audio inputs and outputs, imported via USB, and edited.

Wavetable editor
Not only can the Urano oscillators 1-4 play back wavetables. Urano also has a wavetable editor built in, where you can edit and draw wavetables on the touch screen, and, of course, save these.

Urano can interface with other instruments via MIDI and minijack connectors.

Touch display
It comes with a 4.3" touch display. Most operations can be performed via knobs and buttons, but sometimes the touch display can help speeding up the workflow. The touch interface on Gotharman instruments work in a very simple way, without any annoying "touch gestures".

Built to last in a steel box with extruded aluminium sides. All powdercoated with a "Black Sand" finish, that is very resistant to scratches and dust. All knobs, buttons and connectors are of the highest quality.