Polyphonic filter boards for Zaturn Analog

Original Zaturn Filters

Newly engineered 12 db dual self-resonating analog filters per voice, with a special character, arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other.

Spaze Filters

The filters used in polySpaze, SpazeBoard2 and VCF8. 24db dual self-resonating analog filters per voice, arranged as HPF and LPF in serial.

Vothar8 Filters

The unique sounding filters of the Vothar 8, built with discrete parts. Arranged as LPF and BPF in parallel to each other per voice. Modified so that they can self-oscillate, and so that they distort a tiny bit more at higher input levels. These filters are more unstable than the other Zaturn filter types, which makes the filter tuning less precise. Therefore these filters might not be ideal for polyphonic stuff. More info on the original Vothar 8 can be found here:https://tonetweakers.com/products/gotharmans-vothar-8.

Multi Filters

These are based on the SSI2140 filter chip, and has the same character as the VCF10 filter board. Each filter group has a lowpass filter with selectable slope (6, 12, 18 and 24 db), and a switchable 12db bandpass/highpass filter per voice. When bandpass is selected, the LPF and BPF runs in parallel. When highpass is selected, the HPF goes into the LPF in serial.