EuroBoard MkII

If you have some extra filter boards laying around, you can now put these to use in your eurorack system!
If you don't own any of the Gotharman filter board instruments, but just need some great Gotharman analog filters, you can now get these added to your eurorack system.
Just plug any filter board into the connector on the back of the EuroBoard, and it will work right away. No setup, no worries. It is compatible with all the filterboards mentioned in the user manual.
And if you should, one day, feel the need for some other great filter flavours, the filterboard is super easy to replace.

Polarity of each parameter can be set by jumpers, to make it fit every filter board.

It is smaller than MkI: 14 hp vs. 22 hp.

Solid build with metal potentiometers.

Size: 14 hp
Depth: 40 mm with filter board included

Power draw +12V: 60mA (Approximately -depending on the installed filter board)
Power draw -12V: 60mA(Approximately -depending on the installed filter board)
Power draw +5V: 0mA

Intro offers: Get EuroBoard MkII together with a filter board, and save 10% in the shop!

User Manual