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Multi-Expansion - Multiple expansion box connector for Little deFormer 2 and Limited Edition

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When using the Multi-Expansion together with your Little deFormer, it will be possible to have 3 expansion boxes connected at the same time. 1 AnaX mkII and 2 filter expansion boxes, like SP box, anAmoNo box or Tube-box. Please notice that Multi-Expansion is only compatible with AnaX mkII, NOT mkI. Everybody who purchased an AnaX mkI, should by now have received a mkII replacement board. If you have not yet replaced the mkI board, now would be a good time.

With AnaX mkII connected through Multi-Expansion, this will always be active, and work exactly like it works, when connected directly to Little deFormer.

Only one filter expansion box can be active at a time. For each preset you can select which filter expansion should be used, and it is also possible to change filter expansion selection on the fly, using any of Little deFormers modulation sources. Each filter expansion has its own individual set of parameters. Only the Audio BUS select parameter is shared between the two. The parameter settings of filter expansion 1, are the settings that is used, when connecting a filter expansion directly to your Little deFormer.

A few presets to get you started, are available in the Presets section.


Box measurements: 120 x 75 x 45 mm.

Will be delivered in alu design, like this:


User Manual:

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