Updates for Gotharman's FuZioN


For details on how to update your Fuzion, please see the Fuzion User Manual

If you have not updated your Fuzion for some time, it is only nescessary to update it with the latest update.



Update 11.80

-Song "Halt" mode improved

-Song will no longer reset to step 1, when reaching its end

-Song realtime recording can now start at any song step

-Song will now start and loop from the selected song step

-Sequencer controller editor now shows the 8 values, that are being edited, as numeric values

-Sequencer step ("Ins") recording now also works with the touchscreen keyboard and the trigger button

-A "Doubl" button has been added to the sequencer, for a fast and easy way to extend a track

-USB wav file import has been improved

-The 8 Edit Knobs MIDI CCís can now be assigned to specific tracks

-A "Reload" function has been added to the preset select page

-Preset select has been added to the Sound Finder, for faster access

The files to download:




For a manual decribing the new features, please see the Manuals section



Update 11.58

-Resonator and sub-oscillator added to synth waveform

-New Instrument Effects added. Besides from the FAT effect, each Synth can now have Chorus, Distortion, Bit Crusher, Pitch Shifter, Resonator, Stretcher and FM

-2 new Resonator Reverbs added to the Global Effects section

-Song Mode. It is now possible to record, edit and store 1024 songs

-Stereo Sampling added. Fuzion can now record samples in stereo, also when recording Audio Tracks, and play back imported stereo wav files in stereo

-Envelopes Offset added, so these can now work either around the zero point (as before) or only above the zero point (only add to the parameter they are modulating)

-Insert pointer recording Auto Increment added, so it is possible to do traditional "step" recording on Fuzionís sequencer

-The start Bar/Step of each sequencer track can now be set, on a new "Track Loop" page

-The 8 Edit Knobs now transmits MIDI CCís

-Triggers can now be trigged over MIDI and be recorded

-Sample playback on the Sample Rec page, can now be stopped, using the new "Stop" button, by selecting another sample, or by exitíing the Sample Rec page

-When doing Grid or Ins recording, it will now automatically jump to the next bar or octave window, when the window limits are exceeded

"All Notes Off" added to the Sequencer Function page

-Remix Quantize "Spread" parameter added, for fine adjustment of the sample tempo

-MIDI input 2 are now fully functional

-When naming Presets, Songs, Samples and USB files, the character selection has now been spread out over a wider range, to make it easier to select a specific character

-MIDI inputs set up to handle the Roland JD-XA, which transmits the same data on several channels at the same time

The files to download:




For a manual decribing the new features, please see the Manuals section

Some presets to get you started HERE




Update 10.64

-USB speed improved. Fuzion are now importing wav files 5 times faster.

-Audio Tracks Mute. On the synth pages, the synth number are now shown in red, if a synth are in audio track mode, and it is muted.

PLEASE NOTICE: If you have already updated your Fuzion with update 10.60, it will say that the updating of processor 2 and 3 failed, when you turn your Fuzion off and on again, to complete the update. Please ignore this, and just turn your Fuzion off and on again.

The files to download:






Update 10.60

-Audio Tracks. By simple operations, Fuzion can now record a sample, and automatically place it as and audio track, on sequencer track 9 to 16 (8 tracks in total). When stopping and starting the sequencer, audio tracks are continued.

-Sample tempo and quantized start (Remix). All samples now has a tempo assigned to them. This is used by the audio tracks, and by the new Quantized Start function. A sample tempo can be manually applied on the Sample Rec page. If a sample has no tempo assigned to it, its tempo will be set to 120 BPM. If you plan to use an imported sample as an audio track, the tempo for it must be adjusted. The Quantized Start function makes the sample start parameter jump to rhythmical divisions of the sample. This is very useful for remixing an audio track.

-Synth Triggers. On the Preset Select page, the "Trig" button has now been renamed to "Triggers". When this is activated, 8 of the pushbuttons can now be assigned to trigger the internal synths or external MIDI devices.

Sample source select. It is now possible to select whether you would like to sample record the audio inputs or any of the audio outputs.

-Sequencer record 2 bar count-in. If the Rec button is pushed, when the sequencer is stopped, to activate realtime recording, and the Play button is pushed after this, the sequencer metronome will now do a 2 bar count-in, before recording starts.

-Sequencer tracks synth direct select. When a sequencer track is set to "Int" (internal), it is now possible to select channel 1 to 16, and synth 1 to 8 (direct). When using synth 1 to 8 direct, you do not have to set up any MIDI channels or key ranges for the synths. When a sequencer track is set to "Ext" (external), the MIDI channel is still shown as the channel number and the output number.

-Parameter select. To make it easier to figure out what parameters you will be editing with the 8 edit knobs, on pages that has more than 8 parameters, the "Lowr" button is now always switched off, when switching to another page, so you will know, that you will always be editing the upper 8 parameters, right after this. The parameter names of the parameters selected for editing, are now also inverted, to make it easier to see.

-Sample Delete optimized. Sample delete has been optimized, so it is a little bit faster. If you delete the last sample in a sample bank, it is now very much faster.

-Sequencer Tempo is now shown on the Preset Select screen.

The files to download:




For a manual decribing the new features, please see the Manuals section


Update 9.95

-Activates the Poly system. On the Osc page of synth 2 to 8, two new parameters has been added: Poly and GetSnd. When Poly is turned on, the synth poly chains to the synth one number below it. It is possible to polychain more than 2 synths, simply by turning poly on for the next synths in the row. All 8 synths can be poly chained, for 8 notes of polyphony. If the GetSnd parameter is turned on, the poly chained synth will play back with the same sound as the synth it is chained to. If GetSnd is off, it will play back with its own sound, making it possible to play polyphonic with different sounds.

-Activates Effects Processor 2. On the EFX select page, it is now possible to select if you would like to edit effect 1 or 2. It is also possible to set up the two processors in parallel or in serial, with EFX2 going into EFX1. Fusion of the 2 processors is also possible. When Fusion is on, both processors are using the same memory space, which can create some really odd effects.

-Activates panning. On the Osc Mod page of each synth, Pan Mod has now been added. When source is "Man" (manual), the mod amount parameter acts as a normal pan control. When source is any of Fuzion's modulation sources, pan will be modulated.

The files to download:




Some presets demonstrating the new features:

PolyFusion -8 notes of polyphony

Double Delay -2 delay effects

Fusion Granu -Double Granulator with Fusion turned on