Gotharman's Tubaz tube filter board for Anamono X and Xmini

Tube filter with characteristic fat, warm and distorted tube filter sound. Lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes are available. Output 1 is switchable between lowpass and bandpass modes, output 2 is always in highpass mode. The Out1/2 control mixes between LPF/BPF and HPF. It also has negative analog feedback, that can make it sound thinner.

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Please see the Anamono X / Xmini user manuals on details how to install this.

After installation, you must set it up in the menu's, in order to make it work properly.

On Anamono X go to "More..>Common>Filter Settings", and set either filter 1 or 2 to: 4-Tube Filter, depending on in which filter slot you installed it:

On Xmini go to "Edit>More...>VCF Type", and set the filter to: 4-Tube Filter:


On the VCF pages, you will now be able to view and adjust the appropriate parameters.

On Anamono X:


Cut: Filter cutoff frequency.

Reso: Filter resonance.

Cut3/Feed: Negative feedback.

Out1: BPF or LPF select.

Out2: Always HPF.

Out1/2: Mix between filter output 1 (BPF/LPF) and filter output 2 (HPF).

On Xmini: