Gotharman's SP filter board for Anamono X and Xmini

Based on the output stage of the Emu SP12/SP1200. The input signal is converted to 12 bit digital (switchable to 6 bit for absolute lo-fi), and goes into a 24dB SSM2044 low pass filter. The sample rate can be adjusted and modulated from 0 KHz (audio stopped) to around 60 KHz. On output 2, an analog fuzz effect is added.

PLEASE NOTICE: Unless the interest for this is super huge, a maximum of 10 of these will be produced with the original SSM2044 filter chip. Later, if tests goes well, it will be produced with the new SSI2144 filter chip, and this version will most likely be cheaper.

PLEASE NOTICE: Because of a rather high production price on this, because of the 12 bit converter system and the special filter chip, this filter board CANNOT be included in any bundle deal.

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Please see the Anamono X / Xmini user manuals on details how to install this.

After installation, you must set it up in the menu's, in order to make it work properly.

On Anamono X go to "More..>Common>Filter Settings", and set either filter 1 or 2 to: 3-SP Filter, depending on in which filter slot you installed it:

On Xmini go to "Edit>More...>VCF Type", and set the filter to: 3-SP Filter:


On the VCF pages, you will now be able to view and adjust the appropriate parameters.

On Anamono X:


Cut: Filter cutoff frequency.

Reso: Filter resonance.

Rate: Sample Rate. 0 to 60 KHz.

Bits: Bit depth. 12 or 6 bit.

Out1/2: Adds an analog Fuzz effect, when turned up.


On Xmini: