Gotharman's Little deFormer 3
16 parts, 8 stereo voices granular workstation with synths, samplers, filters, effects and sequencer
Little deFormer 3 Specs:

Released: September 2018.

-1024 user storable presets and 1024 user storable songs.
-16 parts. Each part can either be a synth, a sampler or a noise generator, with 2 filters and a VCA. Can work as a multi-timbral sound module.
-8 stereo voices
-One oscillator per part, that can either be a multi-waveform oscillator, a stereo sampler, or a noise generator. Oscillator and sample FM.
-2 filters per voice. 16 filter types.
-Cross fading chop playback system for ultra smooth transitions between chops -See the XXX7 video for a demo.
-16 Audio Tracks (only 8 can play back at a time at the moment). Chops while recording. Playback starts immediately when recording stops, and chops can be rearranged and re-pitched (again: See XXX7 video). Maximum audio track lenght: 32 bars (with track resolution set to 1/2).
-Sample time: Either 93 minutes (477MB) or 193 minutes (977MB) of mono sampling (half in stereo), max 8.192 samplings (for both models), kept in super reliable NOR FLASH memory. Samplings and audio tracks are immediately available when turning on -No loading time.
Samplings are kept in 4 banks. Each bank holds up to 2048 samplings.
4 samplings can be assigned at a time to the 16 sample slots of a preset. These can be selected using the Chop Select parameter. Each sampling can hold up to 64 (non-destructive) chop points.
-8 busses, on which insert effects and optional analog filters can be placed.
-8 Insert effects, that can be placed on any audio bus.
-Up to 4 audio inputs and outputs. The inputs can be routed to any audio bus for effects and analog filter processing. Each bus can be routed to any of the outputs.
-2 output effects.
-16 sequencer note tracks. Can be set to internal or MIDI out. Up to 64 steps per track and settable resolution. Position subtrack makes it possible for any step to play back at any position. 128 note polyphonic.
-32 sequencer controller tracks. Can transmit MIDI CC's. Up to 128 steps per track and settable resolution.
-Morph Knob.
-High quality MultiMec pushbuttons that should be able to withstand 1.000.000 operations.
-Roland JD-XA MIDI filtering system. JD-XA sends multiple note on's and off's, every time you play a note. LD3 detects this, and filter out the unnescessary ones, so you can use your JD-XA as a masterkeyboard. Works with both the internal sound module and the sequencer, so you can even control other MIDI devices from JD-XA through LD3.

USB: Connect a USB drive for importing and exporting of wav samplings, presets and songs, and for updating the firmware.
Imports: LD3 presets and songs, wav samplings, 44.1 KHz 16 or 24 bit, broadcast wavs, cue points (will be used as chop points or loop points).
Exports: LD3 presets and songs, wav samplings 16 bit, 44.1 KHz. Chop points are exported as cue points, for use with many computer programs.

Audio: Stereo in and out, optional in and out 3 and 4. Left output also functions as a headphone connector.

Audio system:
    -Inputs and outputs: 24 bit, 44.1 KHz Cirrus Logic high end ADC/DAC. 
    -Internal: 32 bit, 44.1 KHz. 
    -Sampler: 16 bit, 44.1 KHz.
    -Maximum audio latency: 1 sample - 22 uS (microseconds).

MIDI: In and out.

Size: 23 x 16 x 6 cm 
Weight: (without analogs) 1.0 KG 

Included samplings:
-Drum samplings from PolySpaze.
-Some electric guitar samplings.
-Many of the original LD2 samplings, that are samplings from the following Gotharman instruments:

Optional Analog Board:
-Up to 2 slots for Anamono X series analog filterboards. Each filter can be individually placed on any of the 8 audio busses. Has filter FM.
-4 x CV/Gate in.
-4 x CV/Gate out.
-Up to 4 extra Audio inputs and outputs.