Christmas holidays at Gotharman's from 20/12-2019 to 2/1-2020.  Orders placed after 6/12 will be affected.
News 2/12-2019: A Percussion Synthesizer are now available for LD3 and Tiny LD. 
News 2/12-2019: New LD3/Tiny LD update are available. 
News 27/11-2019: New LD3 Percussion Synthesizer 3 video.
News 20/11-2019: LD3 MkII casing style are now available!
News 20/11-2019: Zybraz synthesizer are now available with white graphics.
News 11/11-2019: Goodbey to FX deFormer. Production has stopped a bit earlier than expexted, since the display I used for this, is no longer available...
Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 MkII
Granular workstation with 16 parts / 8 stereo voices.
-Same instrument as MkI -Just a new casing style.
-Each part can be synth, sampler (w/Xfade) or noise.
-93 or 193 minutes of sampling time
-2 filters per part.
-8 insert effects and 2 output effects.
-Polyphonic Sequencer with 16 note tracks and 32 CC tracks.
-64 random generators, 16 LFO's, 24 envelope generators.
-Stereo in and out.
-Optional analog options.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks
Gotharman's Tiny LD
Anamono Xmini