Gotharman's will be closed from 18/4-2019 to 22/4-2019 because of Danish Easter holidays
News 17/4-2019: New Tiny LD are now available for pre-ordering.
News 15/4-2019: New Little deFormer 3 update that adds chopped keyboard mode are available.
News 11/4-2019: SPAZEboard6 alternative firmware + analog board are now available for LD3.
News 7/2-2019: Some more PolySpaze presets are now available. 
Feature requests:
Gotharman's Tiny LD
Gotharman's Little deFormer 3
Granular workstation with 16 parts / 8 stereo voices.
-Each part can be synth, sampler or noise.
-93 or 193 minutes of sampling time
-2 filters per part.
-8 insert effects and 2 output effects.
-Polyphonic Sequencer with 16 note tracks and 32 CC tracks.
-64 random generators, 16 LFO's, 24 envelope generators.
-Stereo in and out.
-Optional analog options.

Anamono Xmini