News 6/2-2018: FX deFormer will be available again in 6 weeks, with black front.
USB box -For LD2 and FX deFormer
Pre-order!!! SAVE EUR 30!
The USB box for importing and exporting wav samples and presets to/from Little deFormer 2 and FX deFormer, might be re-launched!
At least 8 pre-orders are needed for this to go into production again. A few days after 8 pre-orders has been reached, the pre-order offer will end, and production will be started. First USB boxes are expected to ship out around 1 month after production start-up.
If 8 pre-orders has not been reached before 1/3-2018, the USB box will not be re-launched, but the pre-ordered USB boxes will be produced anyway, with lower standard front panel.
Pre-order offer
EUR 269,-
Anamono Xmini