News 8/6-2018: Little deFormer 3 pre-ordering are now open! 
News 2/6-2018: duoSpaze pre-ordering offer are extended with one extra month.
News 27/5-2018: PolySpaze are now available in fully black.
News 25/5-2018: 5 extra MiniProphet filterboards are now available.
21/5-2018: Little deFormer 2 Xpanded up for sale
News 16/5-2018: New Anamono Xmini update are available.
Gotharman's Little deFormer 3
Granular workstation with 16 parts / 8 stereo voices.
-Each part can be synth, sampler, noise or audio in.
-2 filters per part.
-8 insert effects and 2 output effects.
-Sequencer with 16 note tracks and 32 controller tracks.
-16 random generators, 16 LFO's, 24 envelope generators.
-Stereo in and out.
-Optional analog board will be available
and offered before pre-ordering ends.
Pre-ordered until now: 5
Anamono Xmini