News 11/11-2019: Zybraz, 24 note polyphonic synthesizer released!
News 11/11-2019: Goodbey to FX deFormer. Production will end 2/1-2020.
News 22/10-2019: New LD3 Sample Select Modulation video.
News 13/10-2019: New LD3/Tiny LD update are available, that improves Tiny LD UI. 
News 6/10-2019: New Spazeboard6 update are available, that adds new oscillators a.o.
News 4/10-2019: New LD3/Tiny LD presets available, using the new oscillators. 
News 10/5-2019: ADDAC has released Gotharman's Tubaz eurorack module, in a new design.
Gotharman's Zybraz -PRE-ORDER
Gotharman's Tiny LD
Anamono Xmini